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Barak in Africa

Fund Management

Established in 2008, Barak has built up an impressive track record in Africa. Leveraging off of a strong deal origination investment team, on-the-ground presence, experience and skill-set across the continent ensures a diversified portfolio.

Barak Investors

Barak, having historically maintained strong relationships with Family Offices, The HNWI, the U.K and Europe and began to look to Africa. Following on from this was the Fund of Funds that added Barak to their portfolio. Since surpassing the USD$800 million mark for Firm AUM, we have focused on globally diverse institutional investors. With the launch of medium and longer-dated Barak Funds we continue to attract interest as being the only Fund Manager with an advisory team based across Africa.

Investor Presences

  • 55%

    Europe & UK

  • 19%


  • 16%

    Middle East

  • 10%


Investor Profile

  • 40%


  • 35%

    Family Offices & HNWI

  • 15%

    Sovereign Wealth Funds

  • 10%

    Pension Funds

Barak Fund Portfolio: The Focus remains on short-term financing in Africa, however Barak has grown to facilitate medium and long-term financing solutions.

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